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Passion: Ivenson is the Global Marketplace and Network of B2B, B2C & Self-employed & Online Business.
Business Overview: Ivenson is an internet company incorporated in Delaware, US. We have Marketplace; Business Academy; Wellness Blog & Wellness Shop.
Industry: Internet
Company Type: Privately Held
Company Headcount: 1-10
Offer: Global B2B &B2C business directory. Services to support Companies to expand the market, Individuals to start a business or make additional income. Business portfolio management. Wellness Lifestyle.
Main Product: Marketplace; Online Media
Main Market: Worldwide
Specialties: Market Place, Digital Marketing, Health and Wellness, Online Shopping, Global B2B Companies, Global B2B Companies, Business Academy, Wellness Blog, Business Expansion, Global Market, Rental Marketplace, and Service Marketplace
Head Quarter: Washington, DC
Country: USA
Founded: 2018
Twitter: @Ivenson_Inc

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