Mindfulness Coaching

Empower yourself with positivity, so you can live a fulfilled and rewarding life." What seeds are you watering on a daily basis? Mindfulness coaching may be just what you need to help make sure you are watering the ones you want to see flourish.

What can mindfulness coaching do for you?

• Provide guidance on practices to develop self-awareness and mindfulness.

• Promote awareness of the link between the conscious, the unconscious, and the subconscious mind by linking instinct and reason.

• Help with identifying self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors; developing better habits.

• Calibrate / modify thought and emotions to manifest a desired life.

• Give guidance and support to find your true authentic self.

• Promote positivity; replacing negative energy with positive energy.

Benefits of Mindfulness

There are many positive benefits, including lowering stress levels, reducing harmful ruminating, improving our overall health, and protecting against depression and anxiety. There is even research suggesting that mindfulness can help people cope better with rejection and social isolation.


"Wow! She hit the problem right on and helped me to stop this behavior!!! Now, I feel I have control over this matter. I am really thankful to Mattie and grateful she helped me. I advise you to check out what she has to offer, it is well worth the little she charges and very much worth the time. Thank you Mattie you are truly a great coach!!!"

Ruby Johnson

Our commitment : To empower you with positive change!!!
Discount Information: Free coaching session with purchase!
Instructions to work with us: Choice of Skype or phone sessions.
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