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  1. Introduction

Mind & Matter Well Being was founded by Arlynn with the goal in mind to help open discussion and options for other alternative therapies – specifically for mental health.

She hopes to grow the business to include other therapy options for clients, such as counseling, yoga, meditative services, art therapy, music therapy, and others. She chose the qualifier ‘Well Being’ instead of ‘Wellness’ to differentiate between the more physical and dietary mindset associated with the latter term today. And while she believes those are important for overall health, Arlynn wishes Mind & Matter Well Being to become a bridge between physical health and mental health. It is time to break the stigma held against mental health and the lack of discussion on it.

  1. Mind & Matter Well Being’s services:

• Swedish Massage Therapy: Uses massage oils to facilitate smooth, gliding strokes over the entire body.

• Therapeutic Massage: Manipulation of the body’s soft tissue to stimulate circulation, promote relaxation, and alleviate tension areas.

• Deep Tissue Massage: This therapeutic treatment targets specific problem areas while applying deep pressure during the massage. The therapist will adjust the pressure to accommodate your comfort level. This service is beneficial for those with chronic muscle tension and pain, especially when caused by injury or overworked muscles, and who prefer a little more intensity during a session.

• Medical Massage: Done with the intent of improving prescribed medical conditions or pathologies.

Also offering; TMJ Massage – Targeted for those with Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ-D), this massage focuses on the scalp and jaw muscles associated with chewing. The goal is to help alleviate pain and dysfunction (such as lockjaw). This massage may include intra-oral treatment using gloves. This treatment is not considered a relaxation massage.

• Hot Stone Massage: A delightful warm treatment using heated stones to rub away tension.

• Half Hour Massage: Focus Massage – With this 30-minute therapeutic session, your therapist will work on a specific area on tension. For many, this may be the shoulders, neck and upper back. A great service for those who are limited on time or prefer not to receive a full body massage.

• Head & Shoulders Massage: A 30-minute massage session focusing on the face, scalp, and neck only.

• Hand & Foot Massage: A 30-minute massage session focusing on the hands, forearms, and feet only.

• Raindrop Technique Therapy.

  1. Where can you find Mind & Matter Well Being?

• Website: http://mindmatterwellbeing.com

• Cayuga Flow Yoga 31 Central Ave Lancaster, NY 14086. (Massage Entrance located around the back of the building).

• Atomic Barbershop and Salon, 57 Main St, Tonawanda, NY 14150

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