The Berkeley Happiness Program

  1. What is the program?

• The program is teaching you on how to create happiness by taking the right steps and building the right skills.

• The program was created by Dr. Tchiki Davis. She has been studying well-being for 10+ years and got her Ph.D. from the UC Berkeley psychology department. She has helped create happiness programs that have reached more than a million people worldwide.

  1. What will you learn in the program?

Dr. Tchiki Davis will help you to develop 10 skills to create happiness:

• Mighty Motivation

• Magic Mindset

• Brilliant Balance

• Courageous Self-Compassion

• Powerful Positivity

• Radiant Resilience

• Majestic Mindfulness

• Passionate Purpose

• Compassionate Empathy

• Fabulous FlowMighty Motivation

Here are examples of what you will learn in the program:

• Courageous Self-Compassion: When we don’t feel good about ourselves, it’s easy to think that there’s something fundamentally wrong with us; it feels deeply rooted and unchangeable. In reality, though, we may have failed to clarify (and then pursue) exactly what would make us feel like that person we would love. We must first develop courageous self-compassion if we are to ever value ourselves enough to build the essential happiness skills.

• Powerful Positivity: When you harness powerful positivity, it makes even the most obnoxious situations more enjoyable. You can't help being positive and optimistic, even during challenging times.

  1. How will the program look like?

• Digital download of 10 months of Action Packets to KEEP FOREVER.

• Action Packets include tips, examples, quizzes, practices, activities, articles, life hacks, and worksheets to help you build the skills.

• Your 10 Action Packets are in order to make sure you learn the right things first.

• You can use 1 Action Packet per month, per week, or move through them faster - it's important to do what works for you!

  1. The Wellness and Well-being values:

• If you keep being depressed and unhappy, you need to learn skills in creating happiness. Even when others suggest you take life easy, however, life only gets easy as long as you can embrace your suffering and obstacles.

• Dr. Davis has other online courses to boost your well-being from emotion to the workplace. Her programs are great sources if you are serious about investing in your well-being.

  1. How can you find the program?

• Her Portal:

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