MASTER YOUR MIND – An In-depth 5-Week Meditation Course


Master Your Mind, a step-by-step 5-week meditation course. It is fully online and self-paced, so you can follow it at your own convenience.

  1. Introduction:

 This course is composed of 35 short daily lessons, organized by week – each with its own unique themes, goals, and insights. The program is self-paced, and the techniques are presented in a way that both secular and spiritually minded people can connect to. No particular belief or worldview is required for following the lessons.

 Each day opens with an inspiring quote. Then you have the daily lesson, and finally a list of further resources to help you deepen your knowledge and clear your doubts.

 The instructions are ultra-specific, clear, and easy to follow. You will always know exactly what to do each day. And there will never be too much on your plate.

  1. How will the course be?

 Develop the habit of meditating daily. You will start with sessions as short as 2 minutes, and increase gradually, up to 15-20 minutes.

 Find the ideal technique for you. Each week I will introduce you to a new practice (such as mantra meditation, breathing awareness, chakra meditation, etc.). By the end of the course, you will be better able to choose the technique that best suits your needs.

 Have an optimal attitude towards meditation, so that you can enjoy the process as well as the result and keep meditation as a lifetime habit.

 Deepen your meditation and enhance your power of focus.

 Integrate mindfulness, into your daily life, through reminders, exercises, and daily challenges.

 Exclusive instructions at the end of the course. You will also receive an exclusive “Meditation Cheatsheet”, and instructions for the next steps in your practice. By this point, you will have developed a solid habit and a good understanding of all the essential elements of meditation practice. You will know exactly what you are doing – and you won’t be dependent on the course anymore.

 The Integration of habit science, positive psychology, and classical personal growth literature. The lessons are designed in a way that you cannot fail. It will be simple to keep up with the practice. No complicated concepts or confusing instructions.

 Practicing meditation from the “Inside out”. Also, with Master Your Mind you won’t be dependent on guided meditations but will actually learn to practice meditation from the “inside out”. I want you to be a light unto yourself, and not depend on anything external when exploring your inner world. This is quite a different approach from most other courses.

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The Core Values:  Developing your important habits which will become your basic core-strengths. Although some self-discipline is involved, there are also important tricks, principles, and mindsets that make it all easier. It was the application of these mindsets and principles that allowed Giovanni to build a daily meditation habit (now up to 2 hours a day) and also many other positive habits – like daily exercise, taking cold showers, fasting, reading, waking up early, limiting social media, etc.  Master Your Mind combines years of Giovanni’s personal practice (nearly 7,000 hours) and study of 60 different techniques, together with his experiences helping thousands of people with meditation through his blog, emails, meetups, and one-on-one coaching. You will not be disappointed.
Why you should choose us/me: • You will have more clarity, self-awareness, and peace of mind. • You will in the eye of the storm rather than being overpowered by your own mind, with its thoughts of fear, anxiety, worry, stress, and negativity. • You will have a deep transformation in your life. It’s priceless!
Instructions to work with us/me:  You can enroll right now for only 59 USD. The course includes full access (web & mobile) to: • 5 weeks of daily lessons, presented in a step-by-step way (PDF & audio format) • A “Meditation Cheat Sheet” PDF • A private forum, where you can ask Giovanni any questions on meditation. • 60 days of email support • A supportive community of meditators • Free updates for life  Once you enroll, you’ll also be able to access your course through an iPhone and iPad app, including downloading the guided meditations for offline use.
Level of Customer:
Seller Experience: Giovanni practices meditation daily (for the past 18+ years, totaling over 9,000 hours at this point), read 200+ books on the topic, tried several different practices, spent time on retreats with masters and instructors around the world, and nearly became a monk a couple of times. He has learned from many sources, and also been formally initiated into four different contemplative traditions.
Additional Information: A successful and powerful course. Master Your Mind just launched in May 2016, and now they already have 1,000+ members. Do not miss your chance to be the master of your mind

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Harry Arant

3 months ago

Great beginner course. I've been looking to get started for a while and this is super convenient.

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